UX Launchpad is a one day, hands-on, fun design course.

About us

UX Launchpad is run by Jon Bell and William Van Hecke, two experienced designers who live in Seattle.

Jon Bell is a designer at Twitter who's previously worked at frog design, Windows Phone, and the Art Institute of Seattle. He has a lot of children.

William Van Hecke is the design lead of the multiple-award-winning Omni Group and author of Learning iOS Design. He's really good at the bass.


About the day

Not everyone has four years to spend on art school. Fortunately, the core tenets of UX design can be taught in a day. (really!)

The class is designed to offer something you can't get anywhere else. More in-depth than Googling, more intimate than a big conference hall.

You learn best when you're having a good time, which is why the day is structured around engaging design exercises, and includes a great lunch and happy hour.


Who it's designed for

Anyone who wants to learn more about interaction design. We get developers, visual designers, managers, and people who want to quickly understand if a software designer career is for them.

This is a very common question, so please feel free to write us if you have any questions!



“Our team–from designers to developers to customer support folks–thoroughly enjoyed UX Launchpad. We sketched. We learned. We laughed. Jon and William have a teaching style that’s fun, informative, hands-on, and great for kicking your design brain into lateral action.”

—Shawn Liu, co-founder of Harvest

“Jon is a brilliant instructor; very knowledgeable, helpful, and fun. His courses are very structured and well-organized. I personally learned a tremendous amount of information in a short time.”

— Diana Thompson

“I love Jon's teaching method. He always makes it fun, simple and clear.”

— Stefania M Lukito

“Uses a clear, methodical teaching style, combined with humor, to break down complex concepts into a process that is easy to understand and remember.”

—Tressa Randolph

“One of my dearest instructors. He is one of the very few designers who is both great at designing and coding. He is positive, energetic, and fun!”

—Juri Seo

“The best teacher I ever had at the Art Institute of Seattle. His teaching style is unmatched.”

—Delvin Payton